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Preservation of Photographic Materials Session 2: Photographic Processes and their Problems

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - 13:00 to 14:45

Join us in this online event looking at Preservation of Photographic Materials, led by Anita Bools 

There are many different photographic processes, each of which have inherent weaknesses caused by the materials and methods utilised in their creation. External factors, such as a photograph’s environment, also affect condition.  Correctly identifying a photograph’s process and recognising problems is important to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken to aid long-term preservation.
This session aims to help participants gain confidence in identifying different types of photographs (predominantly monochrome processes) and recognising internal and external damaging factors which have a detrimental impact on their condition.
Intended Audience:
The session is aimed at participants who work with collections of photographs. Some participants may have little knowledge of photographs prior to this session but have photographs within their collections. Others may have much deeper experience with photography collections but wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of photographic materials to facilitate long-term preservation.
A range of techniques will be utilised to promote learning and cater for different learning styles. This will include viewing and learning about examples on screen, discussion, demonstrations and following practical activities. Active participation is encouraged to maximise learning from this session

About the Tutor:
Anita Bools ACR is the National Trust’s Senior National Conservator for Paper and Photography, a highly experienced photographic materials professional, lecturer and teacher. She was a founding committee member and chair (2009 – 2013) of ICON Photographic Materials Conservation Group and formerly Senior Paper and Photographic Materials Conservator with the North-West Museums Service.
Anita has worked for the National Trust since 1995. She sets standards and guides the National Trust in caring for its extensive photographic collections as well as advising, training and supporting staff in caring for collections. As a photographic materials conservation consultant, Anita has worked across diverse organisations – from British Telecom to the Royal Opera House. In 2018 she was awarded a travel bursary from the Bei Shan Tang Foundation to attend and present a poster at the IIC – Palace Museum Beijing Symposium.  Anita took study leave in 2013 to obtain qualified teacher status from Reading University, subsequently teaching all national curriculum subjects part-time in primary schools. In 2022 Anita ran several sessions on caring for photographic materials for the National Trust and GLAM: Oxford University galleries, libraries and museums as well as Preservation of Photographic Materials Session1: Understanding Photographs, for the Photography Collections Network.
Prior to the session:
It will be useful for participants to have:
 - A pencil and notebook for note-taking and/or a phone-camera - to note any instructions on screen prior to activities.
- Looked at photographs they might own or are in a collection, noting general or specific problems for potential inclusion in discussion.

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