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Collections Research and Sharing

Collection Mapping

A central focus of the Photographic Collections Network is the Collections Research Project, which aims to create an online map and database of photographic collections and archive across the UK. This project builds upon the previous research of John Wall, Val Williams and many others. We want to develop an overview of the UK’s photographic collections and archives in all their outstanding diversity.

Whatever the scope or nature of your photographic collection or archive, we want to hear from you. We would be grateful if you could register with us any collections or archives you own or manage through the Add a Collection link above (you need to be logged in). Thank you for contributing to our research. Please note you don't have to be a member to register your collection.

Collection Sharing

Every Friday on our twitter account @ukpcn we share work from an online collection, if you have a collection you'd like to have shared let us know via twitter or via

We have a Featured Collection article and blog on this website, if you've got an interesting collection you'd like to share get in touch.

Collection Visits

We arrange collection visits for PCN members, if you'd like us to visit your collection and write about the visit let us know via , we'd love to see what you have.

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