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The photographic archive of Dr Kurt von Holleben the head of Agfa's colour screen development for the Agfa-Farbenplatte, Agfacolor and Agfacolor Ultra ranges. His archive consists of some six hundred 9x12 Agfa glass plates from 1924 to 1938 covering the whole of Germany and his travels in Europe and Scandinavia. In addition there are some two hundred slides from 1932 to 1940. The collection also includes a three colour lantern slide of Brighton beach by Otto Pfenninger; a 13x18 Autochrome of the Lumiere family at La Ciotat; thirteen Lumiere ALL-Chroma stereo slides; Kromograms; hundreds of Autochromes including the work of Leon Gimpel, Helen Messinger Murdoch, Olive Edis, Arthur Grenier, Hugh C. Knowles, Vero Charles Driffield, Arthur E. Morton, Ellis Kelsey and Sebastiaan Alphonse Van Besten. The collection has examples of many colour processes including Dufay Dioptichrome, Dufay, Lippmann, Paget, Baker Duplex, Thames, Ducos du Hauron Mélanochromoscope and Sanger Shepherd.
Dr Kurt von Holleben; Otto Pfenninger, Lumiere Brothers; Leon Gimpel; Helen Messinger Murdoch; Olive Edis; Arthur Grenier; Hugh C. Knowles; Vero Charles Driffield; Arthur E. Morton; Ellis Kelsey; Sebastiaan Alphonse Van Besten; Joanny Drevet; Charles Jacquin; Arthur Clive Banfield; Colin Noel Bennett; George F. Clifton; Robert-Louis Nathan; Yvonne Blondel; Hill and Adamson; William Edward Kilburn; Southworth and Hawes.
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