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Terry Bennett Collection Of Early Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Photographs

Terry Bennett

Unknown Photographer, Ou-Ni ethnic female, Lao Cai, c.1925.

Huong Ky, 'Emperor Khai Dinh', 1921.

Charles-Édouard Hocquard, ‘Femme Annamite’, 1884-5, Woodburytype.

Émile Gsell, 'Collage of Portraits, c.1870, carte de visite.

Fernand Nadal, 'River Scene', 1920s.

Émile Gsell, 'North Library, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, c.1870.

John Thomson, 'Young Saigon Woman', c.1867-8.

Michel Huet, 'Plateaux Moi, Jeune femme [from the Da Lat region], c.1951.

Émile Gsell, 'Saigon, 3-part panorama', 1866.

Paul Gastaldy, 'Old Man', c.1931.

Émile Gsell, 'Femme du sérail du roi du Cambodge, c.1875.

Unknown Photographer, 'Married Woman, Luang Prabang, Laos', c.1950.

Vo An Ninh, 'Saigon River', 1950s.

Jules Itier, 'The Alcmene preparing to leave Tourane (Da Nang) harbour, 12 June 1845', quarter-plate daguerreotype.

Jules Itier, 'The Non-Nay Fort at Tourane (Da Nang), 12 June 1845', quarter-plate daguerreotype.

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