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Job: Curator (Photography), Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 09:30

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery are looking for a curator (photography) of the MacKinnon Collection of over 14,000 works, covering 100 years of Scottish photography:

"The MacKinnon Collection covers 100 years of Scottish photography (1840s to 1950s), and the Curator, working with senior colleagues, will be responsible for the care, display and promotion of the 14,000 works in this key collection.  The Curator will be employed by and based at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (SNPG), part of the NGS, but also work with colleagues at the NLS. The post is funded thanks to a grant provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards the acquisition and promotion of the collection. 

The Curator will be expected to have an enthusiasm for, and developing knowledge of, photographs and photographic practice, with a particular focus on Scottish photography from the 1800s. The post holder will have lead responsibility for accessioning the works, and will work with colleagues across both institutions to provide access to the collection physically and digitally, and to interpret it in engaging and inspiring ways. He/she will create metadata and other description for the collection, and will curate an exhibition of this work which will take place at the SNPG. The postholder will subsequently organise and provide interpretation for a three-venue tour around Scotland and be responsible for the evaluations and reporting to the funding bodies."

Application Deadline: 28 May 2018
Read more / apply here:

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