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Event: The All-Seeing Eye: Vision and Eyesight Across Time and Cultures

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 16:30

On the 11th of April, a day long workshop lead by Gemma Almond will take place at Swansea University. The workship will focus on the subject of the eye and of vision from both a contemporary and historical perspective. As an often provoking subject, vision has been at the centre of society and culture for its various medical, social and cultural meanings. Gemma will explore how these views have influenced how the eye is perceived, through the ways that the symbolism of vision, or lack of, has been perceived. 

Registration for the event is free, and a select number of student bursaries for travel and accommodation are available thanks to the support of the AHRC CDP Student Led Activity Fund and the Royal Historical Society (please express your interest on the booking form and contact Gemma Almond for details.

More information is avaliable here.
The draft programme and booking information are avaliable here.

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