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Art Fund Opportunities

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 11:45

New Collecting Awards
Art Fund are now accepting applications for the fifth round of the New Collecting Awards, which offers 100% funding for curators to build or expand collections of fine art, design or visual culture. The programme aims to support curators in developing skills associated with researching and identifying acquisitions. Awardees receive a generous funding allocation towards research, travel and training costs and are matched up with a mentor.

There is £300,000 available in round 5, and with support from the Ruddock Foundation of the Arts, one award will be ringfenced for a curator planning to collect pre-1600 works as part of their project.

Applications close on Wednesday 24 April, and more information, including guidance for applicants, can be found here.

Jonathan Ruffer curatorial grants
This programme provides funding for travel and other practical costs to help museum professionals with collection and exhibition research projects and professional development. Art Fund have £75,000 to award annually, and this year they have changed the grant thresholds: individuals can now apply for grants of up to £2,000 at any time. Requests for above £2,000 will be considered at committee meetings twice a year.

The deadline for the first large grant meeting is Wednesday 20 March and more information, including guidance for applicants, can be found here.

Curatorial network grants
Art Fund are delighted to be launching a new fund to help Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs) and other curatorial networks develop and share knowledge, skills and resources. Art Fund have £150,000 available annually to support both established and emerging networks, with grants designed to be light-touch and responsive to need. There are two categories of grant: small grants (up to £5,000) can be applied for at any time, whilst large grants (over £5,000) will be considered at twice-yearly committee meetings.

The deadline for the first large grant meeting is Wednesday 24 April and more information on the programme and what Art Fund can support can be found here.

Infromation courtesy of Art Fund.

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